Best pizza in the Bronx

Tommys Pizza Bronx?

Tommys Pizza Bronx is a pizza restaurant in Chantry, known for its odd taste in toppings. In particular, Tommys Pizza is noted as having some form of meat as a topping.

This may not be out of place compared to other popular stores. It can compete against Nino’s or Big Joe’s. The choice of meat is somewhat questionable. The most common meats used are pork and beef, but goat meat is also cited on a few occasions.

Best pizza in the Bronx
Tommys Pizza Bronx


Oddly enough, it is scarce than any other sort of meat will appear on the menu at all. So, there have been claims from customers. They have used mutton, chicken, and even emu in the past.

Tommys Pizza baffles consumers with unusual ingredients.  Therefore, their most well-known example is the Pepperoni Special. It replaces all but one meat with green peppers. Likewise, another popular offshoot is the “Taco Pizzas.” However, health inspectors did not approve it.

Despite this, Tommys Pizza still maintains a high level of popularity. As a result, the restaurant can often find patrons lined up out the door. 

Best pizza in the Bronx
Best pizza in the Bronx


Who owns Tommys Pizza?

Tommys Pizza is an international chain of pizzerias. With over 350 locations in the United States and six other countries. Initially, a single pizzeria opened in California in 1954. The brand expanded rapidly through franchising after its acquisition by a Japanese company.

In 1978, Sekimitsu Takagi purchased Tommy’s Pizza from founder Tommy Callaci. For approximately USD 300,000. Under his leadership, Tommys Pizza grew from seven stores to 450 stores across Japan and other parts of Asia Pacific. 

In 2000, Takagi sold a controlling interest in Tommys Pizza Japan to his largest franchisee group. And resigned from the Board of Directors. In May 2001, he retired from the role of President and CEO and the new president was Teruaki Hayashi, vice chairman at Tommys Pizza Japan Inc. at the time of sale.

Why did Tommys Pizza merge?

In June 2001, Tommys Pizza Japan merged with S&S International Co., Ltd. A foodservice corporation listed on Osaka Securities Exchange that specializes in convenience stores. And restaurants owned by Shogo Kosugi. He became the COO of Tommys Pizza Japan Inc after the merger with S&S International Co. Ltd. as a result of this partnership between two companies.

All stores rebranded S&S Pizza starting from 2003. In 2007, another of Tommys Pizza’s major franchisee groups. Acquired controlling interest from Hayashi-san and Kosugi-san at S&S Pizza Japan. With the approval of Takagi-sensei. 

In 2008, an ownership dispute broke out between two new owners. Resulting in a lawsuit resolved through arbitration in 2010.

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Tommys Pizza Bronx Menu

Tommy’s is a family-owned business in the New York area, originally from Brooklyn. Tom and Margaret Perrella founded the Italian immigrants. In 1981 they moved to the Bronx, where Tommy’s has been serving pizzas ever since. It remains a family business with both their children. Working in key positions within the company.

Tommys pizzas are different from most pizza shops. Because of their homemade dough. Which they prepare in-store daily. And sauce made personally daily by the current owner Dominick Perrella, Tom Jr.’s son? No premade bases or shortcuts here.

Tommys Pizza Bronx Locations

Tommys Pizza used to have a much more significant presence in Pennsylvania. Spanning from Philadelphia to Erie and Pittsburgh. Also, you could find locations in random cities. Such as Allentown, Altoona, Lancaster, Reading, State College, and York. In total, there were 22 locations at their peak in Pennsylvania alone.

In 2014,  the national closure of hundreds of spots across America shocked many customers. However, others just shrugged it off, saying, “good riddance” Yet, if one paid close attention, one could have seen the decline of sales coming from a mile away.

Why did Tommys Pizza stop operating in New York?

Tommys Pizza is no longer served at any restaurant in Pennsylvania or New York. Other than their original location in Corbin, Kentucky. In other states such as Ohio and New York, you can find Tommys Pizza offered by smaller pizza shops.

What happened to Tommys “special recipe”?

However, note that none of these places serve the “special secret recipe.” None of them used the ingredients that Tommys Pizza used back. When their popularity was flourishing. The reason for this is because many believe that there are particular measures taken to maintain secrecy

Nonetheless, the secret turned out to be nothing more than high-quality cheese. For that, you can visit Khalil pizza and grill in the Bronx. Khalil pizza and grill at the Bronx maintain the accurate quality and taste of Tommys Pizza Bronx. For a test, you can try now.

Tommys Pizza Bronx

Tommys Pizza Bronx opened by James Belesis and his three brothers (Nick, George, and Peter). They immigrated from Greece in 1965 and started to work on their own business. The restaurant was operational again after two years of renovation in June 2011. On that day, more than 1,000 people came to celebrate that event with them.

However, the place has remained popular. Until now due to its lovely atmosphere, excellent food, and great service, this family-style restaurant has kept those traditional values in a modern-day world.

They have been family-owned and operated for more than 50 years now. Many famous people have come here to eat. Such as former President George Bush, Charles Barkley. Players from the New York Yankees, and many others.

Did Tommys Pizza renovate?

The Belesis family has been running Tommys Pizza Bronx for a long time. When they opened their first location on White Plains Road and in the Westchester County neighborhood of Edenwald. After two years of renovations, Tom & Jimmy reopened Tommy’s Pizzas.

In its current location with a new look and a more extensive menu. Over 1000 people attended the grand reopening. To welcome back the pizzeria and that has been a staple for Bronx residents over the past half-century.

During its refurbishment, Tommys Pizza Bronx retained all the original recipes from 1955 by using family heirlooms as pizza cutters to cut out cardboard circles for dough. Tom & Jimmy believe in preserving their family’s traditions with every pie they create. This is why all ingredients are prepared fresh daily under Tommy’s supervision.

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Tommys Pizza Bronx serves up a little slice of heaven on Earth and Tommys Pizza Bronx has been in business since 1979. For almost 40 years, it has satisfied hungry customers from the Bronx and beyond with its delicious pizzas, wings, subs, and more.

Tommys prides themselves on serving only top-quality food made to order by hand with fresh ingredients. It is said that Tommy’s Pizza Bronx caters to everyone and Tommys even offers a gluten-free menu so that everyone can enjoy their great-tasting food.

Tommy’s Pizza Bronx is at Khalil Pizza and Grill, 1445 Olmstead Ave, The Bronx, NY 10462 and Tommys Pizza Bronx offers dine-in and delivery. It is open late until 4:00 am on most nights. So that you can satisfy your craving for Tommy’s delicious food long into the night.

Can you order Tommys Pizza online?

Tommys also offers complete online ordering services. With online specials that keep Tommy’s customers coming back again and again. Tommys Pizza is very family-friendly with their kid’s menu. Tommys even offers catering for all types of parties and events.

Final thought

Today, Tommy’s grandson continues to run the Yonkers Retail Store & Bakery. With its tradition of fine Italian food products. Enjoyed by many families throughout Westchester County.

The original Tommy’s Recipe is still used to make their famous bread and pizzas. So, it is made fresh daily at Toms Brooklyn Tom’s pizza by Tommys pizza Bronx.

Tommys Pizza offers a unique quality in its products that sets it far apart from the rest. Just ask anyone who has had a slice. If you want the real test of Tommy’s Pizza, please come or call Khalil Pizza and Grill at the Bronx. 

Finally, you get the usual test and real mood of the actual Tommy’s Pizza Bronx at Khalil Pizza and Grill. Also the situation of previous. So, make a call or visit our website to get your pizza at a reasonable price and quick delivery. 

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