Best pizza in the Bronx

Sal’s Bronx Pizza


Sal’s Bronx Pizza has turned dine-outs comfortable for the families. It is located at 1445 Olmsted Avenue of the Bronx. Here, you find the delicious Sal’s Bronx Pizza. Garlic, oregano, and olive oil lightly top it.

Sal was raised in a food-loving family. His parents own a pizza place in Stromboli. After school hours, Sal used to work there. He memorized the secret pizza recipes from his mother. Following World War II, he began Sal’s Pizzeria on Arthur Avenue in 1953. 

Later, he moved Sal’s Bronx Pizza to Broadway. For over 60 years, Sal has been making irresistible pizzas and will not relent from it. Therefore, Sal’s has made a name in the industry. They are looking for professional employees for efficient service.

Best pizza in the Bronx
Best pizza in the Bronx


What is Sal’s Bronx Pizza menu?

Apart from pizza, Sal’s menu presents chicken, pasta, appetizer, and so on. They also offer fried calamari, fried pepper rings, subs, sausage parmigiana, mozzarella ravioli, roast beef, etc. 

Both Khalil Pizza & Grill and Sal’s Bronx Pizza are suitably located.

khalil pizza and grill
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What is Khalil’s address?

Address: Khalil Pizza and Grill

1445 Olmstead Ave,

The Bronx

NY 10462, Email:

Contact: + (718) 577-7997


Sal’s Bronx Pizza reviews

Everyone loves pizza. Sal’s pizza brings in a thin crust. For economy, you can order either the whole piece or just slices. You will find fine Italian dishes as well including chicken parmesan subs, sandwiches, salads, pasta dishes, and meatball subs for meals.

Their pizza menu has a great variety with lunch specials throughout the day. Yummy sandwiches include classic Sal’s Bronx Pizza heroes sandwich and Sal’s Italian grinder, and Sal’s Salami. A wide array of salads fits the bill for bread evaders. 

Besides, pasta dishes such as rigatoni, mostaccioli come at a  reasonable price. Moreover, we cannot forget the calzones and strombolis to fill you up for the day. The Sal’s certainly deserves a 5* review all the way.

Best pizza in the Bronx
Best pizza in the Bronx

What is Sal’s Pizza company?

Sal’s is one of the best pizza places in the Bronx. People from all generations flock to it. They have developed a new pizza recipe. Yet, Sal says the new changes would not affect the original taste in any way. Admirers love his pizzas as they are. 

However, Sal introduces novelties every now and then. So, a fine combo of cheese, pepperoni, handmade crust, and mushroom get into the mix. In the last 4o years, all his pizzas identically followed this blend. Certainly, the extra flavor comes from added ingredients.

On top of that, Sal is reputed for garlic bread. Customers try it with new pizzas. Foodies are loving it ever since Sal boldly advanced the item forward. In fact, people are left stunned by its awesome taste.

Regular customers are hell-bent on checking out Sal’s new recipes. So, they are anticipating novelties with great excitement. Do you want in on a secret? Yes, you can get Sal’s taste from Khalil Pizza & Grill in the Bronx.

Khalil Pizza and Grill
Sal’s Bronx Pizza


What is Sal’s New York Pizza?

Salvatore Consiligo started Sal’s New York Pizza on Long Island, New York in 1985. The first restaurant was opened on Hempsted Turnpike in Malverne, NY. Since then, the company has flourished across the country. 

However, Khalil Pizza & Grill in the Bronx maintains the same standards as Sal’s. Khalil presents Italian comfort dishes and pizzas. Coal oven stands out to be their prestige symbol. In addition, you will get salads, chicken wings, and calzones. 

Customers order their lunch buffet on weekdays. “Real New York Pizza” happens to be their core slogan. It fully reflects their recipes’ rooted connections to the Big Apple.

TripAdvisor claims that Sal’s is the most prominent New York Pizza and the third in the world. Above all, several TV shows featured the restaurant such as Rachel Ray, Man v. Food Nation, and Guinness World Records: Primetime. 

Besides, multiple local newspapers have positively reviewed them as well. Sal’s has earned many accolades including awards “Best Pizza” by AOL Cityguide, “True NY Pizza” by Time Out Magazine, and “Top 10 Hot Spots for Pizza in America” on USA Today. Sal’s retains a 5* rating on Yelp.  

Put a baked item on your next order

Sal’s New York Pizza rolled into action in 1985. Salvatore Consiglio opened the first restaurant on Hempstead Turnpike in Malverne, New York and later, to Lynbrook. Then, he expanded to Westbury and Merrick Road, Seaford, respectively for his third and fourth restaurants. 

Following their fifth Sal’s Pizzeria, they began franchising. His son Sal Jr. opened the first franchise at Port Jefferson Station, NY. Nathan’s Famous spreads Sal’s good dishes across Long Island and the US via its 30 restaurants.

Sal’s original pizza uses fresh dough every day at every location. Baked on a coal oven, they produce a uniquely identifiable crust. Moreover, the sauce comes from crushed tomatoes, simmered to sustain an excellent flavor. 

Customers can select either of the 26 individual toppings to dress up their slices. Buffalo chicken, shrimp scampi, and eggplant toppings have already made a name.

How to book a food truck?

Khalil Pizza and Grill is a New York pizzeria. Its food trucks have been serving the Bronx, Queens, and Manhattan since December 2013. It was established in May 2011.

Khalil Pizza boasts of a brick oven from Italy. It can finish cooking a pizza within 90-180 seconds. Their pizza comes with chicken kafta or beef kafta grilled on charcoal flames. We cannot forget falafel sandwiches with cucumber and tomato. 

Other hot Middle Eastern items include tahini sauce on pita bread, hummus topped with olive oil and pine nuts, grape leaves stuffed with spices, tabbouleh, kibbeh, and fried kibbeh with beef or lamb plus herbs.

How to order an event catering in NY?

If you are hosting an event or looking for an excellent lunch with the family, Khalil Pizza & Grill must be your go-to choice. Food trucks from Khalil Pizza & Grill bring you New York-style pizza directly to your place. 

The specialty pizza involves buffalo chicken and white sauce. Get classic Italian dishes like garlic knots, meatball sandwiches. Their gourmet desserts include cannolis and tiramisu.

Obviously, irresistible Italian dishes satisfy your appetite. Also, the incredible environment adds value to your experience as a New Yorker. You feel totally comfortable at this New York restaurant in the Bronx. Regardless of your individual requirements, professional cooks and waiters evoke a personal touch.

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