Halal Gyro

Halal Gyro

Halal Gyro refers to Greek-style gyro, halal lamb in fact. But halal-certified meat makes it halal. It shuns regular beef or pork. You get the same taste, sticking to your religious preferences. Halal meat processing caters to the requirements of Muslims.

People from other religions can rest assured too. Halal Gyro offers cleaner and healthy dishes all along. The subtle difference between halal and regular gyro resembles that of organic chicken vs regular chicken. 

Halal Gyro
Chicken Chapli Kabab


Halal restaurants in the Bronx offer halal burgers, doner, falafel, lamb gyro, halal shawarma, shish kebab, etc. The Halal Gyro is delicious and is the best gyro in New York.

Khalil Pizza & Grill serves the most popular Halal Gyro in the Bronx. They prioritize the halal process.

What is the address of Khalil Pizza & Grill?

Khalil Pizza & Grill 

1445 Olmstead Ave, 

The Bronx, NY 10462 

Email: info@khalilsfood.com

Contact : + (718) 577-7997 

Website: www.khalilpizzaandgrill.com

Khalil Pizza and Grill at Bronx, NY for Halal Gyro
Khalil Pizza and Grill at Bronx, NY


What does Khalil Pizza & Grill offer?

Khalil Pizza & Grill is located in the heart of the Bronx and People come here to sneak the best tastes and enjoy the best environment. Let’s check out what’s at stake:

  • Attractive menu 
  • Delightful environment 
  • Friendly service 
  • Safe food 
  • Gyro Halal 
  • Robust customer reviews 
  • Best delivery services 
  • Reasonable prices 
  • Halal Gyro Strips

What makes it Halal Gyro?

Simply put, Halal Gyro is halal lamb. So, halal preparation makes it consumable. In Arabic, “Halal” means “Lawful”. They apply halal methods while slaughtering and processing the animal. Therefore, Muslims can have it.

Halal Gyro


The techniques include the number of knife thrusts, blood draining, etc. Our writeup focuses more on preparing Halal Gyro meat.

Accordingly, the animal is slaughtered under the strict supervision of an Imam and he needs a powerful vision and steady hands to perform the task. He completely drains out the blood after butchering the lamb.

What do Halal and Kosher mean?

Halal points to “permissible for consumption”. Hence, halal food and drinks come from halal animals and sources. Non-halal ingredients have no place in the mix. Particularly, halal slaughtering takes the whole thing to a new level (Islamic Law permits a specific type of killing).


Accordingly, Gyro could be either Halal or Kosher or both. Muslims kill Halal animals while Jews prefer Kosher ones. Besides, they say a special prayer before slaughtering. Then, a religiously qualified person kills the animal. 

The prayer is crucial. Strictly, its absence means the whole thing has gone down the drain. Thereby, even a Muslim butcher would not make the meat halal. Halal meat also avoids non-muslim butchers.

Could Halal meat be Kosher?

Actually, Halal meat is similar to Kosher meat. Kosher follows unique slaughtering standards. It must meet Jewish dietary guidelines. Accordingly, Halal meat can be Kosher.

Halal animals are treated to maintain halal culinary practices. In fact, there should be no pork or bacon. Besides, these items stay away from alcoholic ingredients altogether. The food preparation chain must not resort to any alcoholic component whatsoever.

Halal Gyro
Chicken Sheek Kabab

What are the Halal Gyro menu and nutritional value?

Frankly, Halal Gyro is the halal version of Greek Gyro. You could track it at any halal restaurant and meat shop. It comes from halal lamb, beef, or chicken. Chefs cook it on vertical rotisseries to lay incredible flavors and tastes.

Now, the fat and skin sections produce the best Halal Gyro. Luckily, these segments sustain moisture and juiciness throughout the cooking process. Lightly crispy outer crust and juicy interior deliver just the perfect taste. 

It feels almost similar to shawarma or kebabs if you apply high-level heat during preparation. Halal Gyro comes off great with halal pita bread. Also, you can serve it with cucumber, tomatoes, and red onions.

Gyro Meat

Halal Gyro meat is devoid of halal feta cheese or halal yogurt. Still, it tastes close to halal souvlaki (meat cubes) with some dairy ingredients. Similarly, halal souvlaki contains halal lamb cubes marinated with olive oil, lemon, garlic, and oregano fat. They are threaded onto skewers after 24-hour marination. Then, it is grilled on an open flame.

Halal Gyro
Chicken Leg


What is the nutritional value of Halal Gyro?

Clearly, the best quality halal meat guarantees top-class flavor. Homemade Halal Gyros are no exception. The halal meat gets mixed with onion powder, garlic powder, salt, and non-GMO pepper. 

Moreover,  halal food coloring lays a captivating look on Halal Gyro. However, an authentic appearance derives from frame-grilling for hours. So, judicious use of color can add to the outlook of gyro meat.

You can marinate meat cubes to enhance your food value. Also, halal strips in lemon juice can do the trick if they are prepared 24 hours before frame-grilling. Lemon juice really adds a classic golden-brown appearance. Halal consumers are often enticed by the look apart from the halal procedure.

Tap into fresh olive oil instead of run-of-the-mill vegetable oils. You need those deep flavors of authentic Greek extra virgin olive oil. It introduces highly appealing fruity undertones. It helps capture and spread the flavors of garlic, onion, and oregano.

Halal Gyro
Side Breast


Why is Khalil Pizza & Grill the best halal restaurant in the Bronx?

Halal restaurants are all about halal meat. Here. halal slaughterers perform the butchering. Customers often have a hard time zeroing in on a halal establishment. Many of the restaurants would fail to fulfill all necessary precautions in this regard.

In the Bronx, one may not have sufficient halal dine-out options. However, Khalil Pizza & Grill is the most popular choice for all communities. Top-quality food selection and preparation put them at the highest order. Hands down, Khalil Pizza & Grill offers the best Halal Gyro.

Halal Gyro
Channa Masalla


Halal meat beats kosher due to its outstanding freshness. It brings in some nuanced intricacies. Healthier and safer halal food ease down your cooking and consumption as well. Halal eating places manage halal meat from halal butchers. 

The slaughterers bring in special credentials and training to prepare halal meat. Halal authority gives halal certificates. But the certification hinges on excellent establishment standards. Khalil Pizza & Grill puts forward a halal authority on-site. They ensure that everything tows the halal dietary practices all along.


Khalil Pizza & Grill is the utmost reliable name for halal foods. It takes outstanding care of the customers. You can either book or get an impromptu table at Khalil Pizza & Grill. 

Normally, Muslims would not consider any place else other than this eaterie. Now, you can sit at the top halal restaurant in New York for the best Halal Gyro. Do not miss on it anymore and make an arrangement right now

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