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Halal Burger

Halal burger offers a great fast food choice. It is made of all halal beef, mayonnaise, American cheese, and buns. In America and Europe, we notice a host of halal burgers in many restaurants.

Halal Burger
Halal Burger


Jews prefer kosher food and Muslims are all about halal dishes. This American-style burger caters to both their religious requirements. So, halal burgers have become a crucial food culture in the Bronx and New York.

In 2021 and onwards, restaurant experts predict a rise in its demand in the Bronx. However, only Khalil Pizza & Grill brings in the halal burger on its menu.

Therefore, what is their address?

Khalil Pizza and Grill

1445 Olmsted Ave, 

The Bronx, NY 10462 


Contact : + (718) 577-7997 


Halal Burger
Khalil Pizza and Grill the best Burger Point in Bronx


What Is the History of Halal Burgers?

Mr. Khalil introduced the halal burger in the Bronx. He was in search of a nutritious yet affordable food item. Simultaneously, it must tow the religious lines. Suddenly, the halal burger idea clicked in his mind.

Consequently, he forged a fan-favorite halal burger recipe. It consists of halal beef mince, eggs, masala spices, red onion, lemon juice, halal American cheese, and mayonnaise. It is cooked in Japanese teriyaki sauce.

The halal burger precisely maintains Muslim dietary regulations. Therefore, Muslims can have it without restrictions. It altogether avoids bacon. So, Jews are also enthusiastic to have a bite too. As a result, halal burgers can barely satisfy a sky-rocketing demand in the Muslim and Jewish communities in New York City.

Are the Halal Burger Ingredients Healthy?

The halal burger is both delicious and nutritious. The dairy ingredients make it super healthy for you as well. It carries significant health benefits in spite of containing high-fat beef mince. In a halal burger, an FDA study finds —

  • The halal omega-3 fatty acid ratio of 3.5
  • Halal DHA levels of 0.62%
  • The halal EPA levels of 1.09%
  • Hence, halal burgers offer five times more nutrition than KFC fried chicken

Accordingly, multiple fast-food chains have introduced halal burgers in their production line. Basically, these are made of beef. Meanwhile, halal standards reign supreme in their preparation. Besides, they contain no pork or alcohol whatsoever.

However, we must note that no one has thoroughly examined their pros and cons against regular or non-halal burgers.

Halal Burger
Muslim Favorites Burger


What is the halal burger preparation process?

Unlike regular burgers, halal burgers entail a long and rigorous process. The halal certification requires invoking Allah’s name while slaughtering. It makes the cattle halal for Muslims. Also, the cattle must not be tortured in its rearing and transportation. Thus halal meat has several layers of intricacies, certified by experts. Finally, the certified meat hits the chef’s corner.

Halal Burger
Double Cheeseburger at Khalil Pizza and Grill


Why is Khalil Pizza & Grill the Best for Halal Burgers?

Khalil Pizza & Grill serves several halal dishes including halal burgers. They reach a new threshold in terms of taste and quality. Their menu takes into account all customer requirements. So, they are reputed as a halal restaurant in the Bronx. Khalil Pizza & Grill 100% guarantees halal food at all levels.

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Halal Burger
feature of a Good Burger


What Are the Best Features of Good Burger?

Obviously, tender and tasty burgers stand out. The halal burgers offer top-quality halal beef all along. Moreover, halal burgers draw less fatty substance than their counterparts. Healthy ingredients make them the best in-and-out food choice across America. Kale, carrots, tomatoes, and veggies turn it into the preferred option for many health-aware foodies.

The halal burger is the only go-to preference for Muslims across the board. Therefore, halal burger restaurants are making a stride in New York. Certainly, you will notice a few halal restaurant corners in Muslim and Jewish neighborhoods here.

Why Do Muslims Appreciate Halal Burgers?

Muslims want halal foods all along. Here goes a list of reasons for them to prefer halal dishes —

  • Halal food is devoid of pork, bacon, and pig products.
  • Science claims that halal meals are healthier with less fat and salt. They contain useful nutrients that are easily absorbable and digestible.
  • With anti-inflammatory features, halal foods prolong healthier lives. They can subside several chronic diseases including arthritis, diabetes, and cancer using their halal collagen.
  • These dishes are free of harmful components.
Halal Burger
Take a Taste of Khalil Pizza and Grill Burger



Someone tapped into halal beef patties in their regular ham recipe. Thus halal burgers came into existence as well. That person fed it to Muslims. Hence, the first halal burger resembled hamburgers. The only exception was its halal beef patties.

Meanwhile, there has been a revolution in halal foods across Europe and America. Research after research has concluded into halal beef patties, halal chicken nuggets, halal turkey, halal pizza and so on. So, halal nowadays is a complete restaurant industry phenomenon. 

You can get different genres of burgers and hamburgers in the Bronx. However, none is so delicious as that of Khalil Pizza & Grill.

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