Bronx house pizza

Bronx House Pizza

Bronx House Pizza is prominent for Bronxites in New York. Pizza Hut and Dominoes serve it. Many Pizza lovers prefer it from those chain restaurants. Regional pizza styles resonate well with Modena, Joe & Pat’s, and so on. However, none of them boast of the traditional pizza recipe. Right there, this Pizza makes a move.

Special pizza
Bronx house pizza


Affordable Pizza brings you delicious brick-and-oven pizzas at home. Amazingly, you can do it excluding lavish Italian cheese or flour. So, this remarkable pizza has earned popularity among the Italian-American Bronxites.

What is the history of Bronx House Pizza?

Following WWII, Joe “Fat Joe” Pozzuoli got stuck with more mozzarella cheese than needed. Also, this immigrant had some leftover dough. Instantly, he combined those two ingredients. Later, his eventual mixture made the basis of this Pizza.

However, mozzarella was replaced by provolone and subsequently by cheddar. Ultimately, the strange item turned into a regular meal for the locals. Soon, this pizzeria gained traction. So, they started selling this Pizza besides Italian dishes.

This latest recipe got a windfall in New York. hence, it spread like wildfire across pizzerias in California and Texas.

Pizza, Spinach
Pizza, Spinach


Shockingly, This Pizza has no steadfast recipe. A thick slice of cheese goes on top of the dough. Then, they bake it in a brick oven. Afterward, delicious pockets of melted mozzarella and heavenly aroma fill your heart.

The differentiates Bronx House Pizza & classic New York-style pizza?

All variation lies in simplicity. Dough and mozzarella are common for both. However, this Pizza avoids toppings with tomatoes and fresh basil. Instead, cheese tops it and nothing else.

Pizza, Taste the Best
Bronx House Pizza, Taste the Best


Why is this Pizza popular in New York?

This Pizza is fan-favorite in and outside of New York for reasons. Obviously, the simple ingredients and making process help its cause. Anyone with a brick oven or outside grill can get into making one. You can craft your own delicious pizza. It thrusts the popularity.

Besides, you need not spend a pretty penny on Italian groceries. Love for novelties drives many to try it out. Also, you can sneak a taste at the local pizzeria. Or you may online-order this California-style pizza for home. Anyway, you are destined to come back for more.

Curry Pizza
Curry Pizza


Have a delicious thin crust?

Yes, Bronx House Pizza comes with the famous thin crust. Everyone knows the secret of it. Comparatively, other pizzas offer thicker crusts. Therefore, they hog your time with preparation, assembly, and cooking. Especially, it becomes painful if you are in a rush.

The toppings of this Pizza come off pretty easy. Moreover, the air turns the crust crispy. This Pizza sits on a heated surface before getting thrown into an oven. This process makes it way crispier.

Bronx House Pizza, Shroom


Is this Pizza use the freshest ingredients?

Bronx House Pizza is reputed for using the finest and freshest ingredients. They prioritize customers’ health. Nicely sliced vegetables bring in optimum flavor. You know, soggy veggies in pizzas turn off many foodies.

This Pizza taps into just the right amount of vegetables. So, you can fast-forward the cooking time. Also, a proper amount of veggies prevents sogginess.

Healthy and fresh meat add to the flavor. It helps you with fine cooking. Therefore, each of your bites becomes more delicious and time-immemorial.

Does this Pizza guarantee an unbeatable taste?

Yes, this Pizza promises remarkable tastes all along. This is the primary driver of its popularity. Fans would barely replace it, let alone forget it. They would still treasure it despite moving away or changing the preference to some other pizzas. Your last Pizza persists for a long time to come. 

Moreover, Bronx House Special is quite popular as well. Again, simple and delicious ingredients ravage even the soul of the pickiest food snobs.

So, Bronxites or nearby people must not miss out on either this Pizza or Bronx House Special pizza.

Bronx House Pizza, an unbeatable taste
Bronx House Pizza, an unbeatable taste


Luckily, you can check out the phone number of Bronx House Pizza right now. At once, give it a shot.

Khalil Pizza and Grill 

1445 Olmstead Ave, 

The Bronx, NY 10462 


Contact: + (718) 577-7997 


Bronx House Pizza digest well?

Bronx House Pizza
Khalil pizza and grill for Bronx House Pizza,


Yes, Bronx House Pizza digests very well. The thin crust tastes like breadsticks. The digestion process runs pretty simply too. Great taste and affordability push people towards it.

The salivation process comes into action as this Pizza makes its way inside the mouth. It dissolves right off the bat. Thereon, salivary amylase enzymes break down carbohydrates into smaller sugars via hydrolysis. To break down some of the larger proteins, saliva secretes lysozyme enzymes. 

Thence, you swallow it down the esophagus. More hydrolysis of carbohydrates joins the fray inside the stomach. Also, hydrochloric acid triggers protein denaturation. Thus, your body absorbs all useful nutrients.

What are the health effects of this Pizza?

Weight gain and cardiovascular issues are prominent health hazards. Despite being the favorite item in America, it is not without some downsides (Huffington Post, 2012).

A slice of pepperoni pizza adds about 500 calories. For most people, it also provides about 25 percent of the daily saturated fat and sodium. Besides, up to 40 percent of calcium and iron come from it (Pizza, 2012).

Worldwide, pizza is one of the most popular food. In the USA, it annually sells around 1.7 billion pieces (Burritoeater, 2012). 

How to Cook, Bronx House Pizza
How to Cook, Bronx House Pizza


How to cook Bronx House Pizza?

How to Cook, Bronx House Pizza
How to Cook, Bronx House Pizza


First, assemble the basic ingredients. Khalil Pizza & Grill provides the simplest guide on how to prepare this Pizza. This is rather an elementary approach to bake a pizza. You can follow this pizza-making process. Khalil Pizza & Grill encourages you to dry-run with varieties of spices and veggies. None can predict what would come out of your blessed hands. They make the best Pizza in the Bronx.

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