Best pizza in the Bronx

Best pizza in the Bronx

Best pizza in the Bronx. Multiple pizza styles appeal to foodies. This Italian item no more belongs to the traditional pizzeria. Kids and adults love it alike. So, New Yorkers look for the best pizza in the Bronx.

Pizza in the Bronx
Best pizza in the Bronx

What is a pizza?

Pizza is a round, flat, oven-baked Italian dish. It carries several toppings including tomato-based sauce, tomato, cheese, meat, and vegetables. Actually, “pizza” means “pie”. Thin and crisp crust defines most pizzas. The structure is more wide than thick. Generally, a pizza is 30 cm in diameter with 3 cm depth.

The history of the best pizza in the Bronx

Annually, an average New Yorker eats 400 pounds of pizza.

Italian immigrants brought essential knowledge, ingredients, and skills for it. In NY, They opened the first pizzeria in 1915. People immediately fell for it.

Best pizza in the Bronx

Many legends run around the beginning of pizza. However, none of them claims total accuracy. They all fail in the face of historical verification.

Therefore, you will come across a lot of rubbish stories. One story claims that a Pompeiian baker covered his bread with flour. Eventually, this lucky break gave rise to modern pizza as we know it.

Also, pizza made its way to America from Italy. Soldiers of World War II did the carrying. They brought it from Europe to New York. Anyway, it has certainly made a bang here.

Again, Roman soldiers ate flatbread with toppings. The toppings took a name after Mount Vesuvius to remind them of their home in Italy.

Whatever the origin, the love for pizza has never subsided since then. Meanwhile, we are going to dig into the best pizza in the Bronx.

What is the best pizza in the Bronx?

It is either oven-baked or cooked on a baking tray or stone. They prepare it in an oil pan, using flour with a crispy base. For added crispiness, chefs lightly bake and melt it with grilled/broiled cheese.

Bronx PIzza
Best pizza in the Bronx
  • Barbecue: They cook it on hot coals and serve it with several toppings.
  • Deep-fried: It contains cheese, ham, and vegetables.
  • Stuffed: It has a double crust with a filling on top.
  • Calzone (Italian): Pizza dough gets fried on a frying pan.
  • Thin-fried: It uses fragile bread dough, occasionally for gluten-free pizzas. It might bring half a topping and no tomato sauce.
  • Microwave (convection) oven: It yields a wetter pizza version.
  • Grill / Griddle Pan / Electric Skillet: It offers a crispier crust. The pizza sources heat from the bottom instead of the surroundings.

Lately, pizza has won over the world. Restaurants serve tons of pizza types across the globe.

The best pizza in the Bronx

Many pizza lovers have the wrong idea. They think the Bronx has no equivalent pizza parlor as those of Manhattan. 

The answer lies in quality and not quantity. The Bronx does have a few respectable pizza places. Obviously, Khalil Pizza & Grill is one of them. They reach beyond your expectations. Customers come here for stunning service, delicious dishes, and affordable prices.

Here, you could sense the Italian culinary excellence. Few bakeries and cafes can compete against their classic Italian items. To be clear, the Bronx offers no historic or iconic Pizzeria. Nevertheless, Khalil Pizza & Grill introduces one of the best pizzas in New York.

What are the names of the best pizza in the Bronx?

Best pizza in the Bronx
Best pizza in the Bronx

a) Boss b) The Best c) Diabetic-Two Night Dreams d) Swordplay e) Fireworks f) Ye Old Coal Burner g) Gluteus Maximus h) Ice Hat i) Bow wow j) Spicy pie k) Mario’s Special Pizza l ) La sal des quart science m) The Big Cheese n) Sweet Tomato o) Godfathers Pizza p) Senior Pepe q) Scrimin’ Sicilian r) Raging Inferno s) Sinastriking T) Supercalifragilistic. Delicious u) Revenge of the Peperoni v) Authentic Neapolitan Wagon Wheel Xantha

Why is Khalil Pizza & Grill the best pizza in the Bronx?

New pizzerias are making the turf ever more competitive in the Bronx. Still, you can count on some trusted Bronxite pizza brands. Denino, Boi, Bamonte, etc stand out.

khalil pizza and grill

Oh, did we then forget Khalil Pizza & Grill? No, we certainly did not. This one is the topper all the way. Find it at 1445 Olmsted Avenue. It bears a signature old-school mark. Instantly, the sensation will fly you to Little Italy or Arthur Avenue.

Khalil Pizza & Grill serves the best traditional dishes from Italy and the Middle East. Regulars know it all. However, we highly recommend this place for any newcomer out there. They specialize in kebabs from chicken, beef, to lamb. Smooth blends really take out your heart. The kebabs come in the form of patties and squares.

What differentiates Khalil Pizza?

Pepperoni and lots of cheese are their fan-favorite pizza toppings. Besides, they have white pizza and red pizza with a thick crust. Khalil Pizza & Grill is open around the week until dawn. If you are going home from Westchester County bar at night, we are the perfect stop-by pizza for you.

Best pizza in the Bronx
Best pizza in the Bronx

Get gyro sandwiches with beef/lamb and chicken shawarma. Flatbread with lettuce, tomato, tahini sauce, and hot sauce join the fray too. Moussaka reminds you of Mediterranean restaurants in Astoria or Bay Bridge. Their hummus beats the charts. These delicious foods entice your friends and family alike.

What do foodies love about Khalil Pizza & Grill?

Pizza lovers in the Bronx flock to Khalil Pizza & Grill, 1445 Almstead Avenue. Let’s check out their pizzeria.

  • The menu includes multiple salads, pasta, and entrees. Moreover, baked chicken marsala and fried lamb chops are topped with imported mint glass. Everyone craves paninis, calzones, and ricotta.
  • Besides, Stuffed Grape Leaves (meat or vegetarian) is a personal favorite. Generally, part size can fill you up with leftovers.
  • Pepperoni, white, meaty, and several other pizza types delight customers. Also, you can go for their best subs and hot dogs.
  • Hands down, this is the best pizzeria for cheese lovers. Besides, they have vegetarian options.
  • Moreover, their vegan cheese caters to vegetarians.
  • Delicious sandwiches and crisp fries really make your day.
  • You can recommend it to your friends and family. It is open until late at night.

Khalil Pizza & Grill brings in the right size and quality. The resilient crust does not go flaky. Great tastes turn in happy customers.

Best pizza in the Bronx
Best pizza in the Bronx

Where can you get the real pizza in New York?

Of course, you can get the best pizza at Khalil Pizza & Grill. Every day, Americans eat millions of pizzas. This is a unique deal for them. Many come to Khalil at 1445 Olmsted Avenue for the leading pizzas.

Pizza has global popularity. However, you can sense an overwhelming love for it in NY. Probably, they prefer it more than any other international dish. New Yorkers cherish their pizza variations.


I recommend Khalil Pizza & Grill to one and all. Besides, I wish you good health as well. Definitely, a health-friendly restaurant in the Bronx adds to your life. All their items are handpicked and carefully processed. For them, there is no compromise when it comes to your taste and health.

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